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Welcome to the J. Smolin, Artistry in Oils online studio!

The actual studio is in the arms of Laguna Beach, California, nestled up to a vertical hillside. Please wander through to find quite an array of artwork. The oil paintings – some with added textures, metal leaf, or “found” items, vary from realistic portraiture, to vividly colored abstract pieces. These paintings are all expressions of my gratitude for the beauty in life; from the leopard, who’s eyes pierce your soul, to the zen-like, sculptured oil paintings that feel like a woodland shelter.

With a past-life in interior design, I am able to offer the designer a piece of art that will complement any space and veritably any style. Wildlife motif, traditional, transitional, rococo, Art Nouveau, contemporary, brilliant color to subdued and calming; I will complete your vision with a focal point or backdrop.

Thank you for visiting!

Judi Smolin

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